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نجات تلفن همراه افتاده در چاه توالت!


اگر شما هم جزو آن دسته از افرادی هستید که تلفن همراهتان ناخواسته داخل چاه توالت افتاده و نمیدانید که برات نجات آن چه کنید، دیدن این اینفوگرافیک را به شما پیشنهاد می کنیم.

As a nation of multi-taskers we use any moment that our hands are free to send a cheeky text or check the latest facebook updates, so we weren’t surprised when a recent polled revealed that 75% of people admitted to toilet tweeting, emailing and even making a cheeky call whilst sat on the loo. (Tweeting we get, but calling someone?!)

Horror stories of dropping your phone down the loo are increasingly common, with a slip of the hand being all it takes to see your shiny smartphone lying in the deep dark abyss of the toilet bowl. As inevitable is this is, we decided to delve deeper into how exactly your phone can survive this gloomy fate, with a handy info graphic revealing all the steps needed to recover a loo ridden device.اینفوگرافیک نجات تلفن همراه

نجات تلفن همراه افتاده در چاه توالت!

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