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The typical Android user apparently does not look kindly upon flip-flops, opting instead to pair his jeans and T-shirt with the far-more-practical sneakers.

We say “he,” because the typical Android user is male, according to the folks at BlueStacks, a startup that makes software for running Android apps on Windows PCs. Using data from Nielsen, as well as information culled this month from more than 145,000 of its Facebook followers, BlueStacks created a composite Android user dubbed Mr. Android 2011.

“Mr. Android is everything Android users are…all their dynamism, visualized as one person,” John Gargiulo, vice president of marketing and business development at BlueStacks, tells CNET.

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ملاقات با آقای اندروید ۲۰۱۱ !

منتشرکننده: Blue Stacks